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Woman’s Brain

August 6, 2008

Woman: So it is really true that a man thinks of sex every six seconds?

Me: I don’t know, I am not a researcher. And I am pretty sure that the six second theory was floated as a joke.

Woman: Okay, but jokes also reflect the truth. So surely there must be some truth in it.

Me: Perhaps. So here’s another joke I heard…


A group of girls were talking and chatting.

One girl: Yaar, main sochti hon, yeh ladkey kya baatein karte honge? (I wonder what these guys talk about?)

Second girl: Kya baatein karte honge? Wahi jaise hum karte hain. (What’s to wonder, they talk the same things we do).

First girl: Haiye, gande ladke!!! (Oh my gosh, what bad guys!!!)


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