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Shades of Grey – 1: Marooned

August 10, 2008
My attempt at creative writing/fiction. Let’s see how the story progresses. Visit Untitled tab page for updates.
First update 1: 10 Aug 2008


I felt heavy in my head as I lay face down. The sound of the ocean was resounding. It took me sometime to realize that I was lying on a beach with the sea pushing and pulling me with its waves. I would feel the push towards the shore and then the passing wave would try to pull me back in the ocean. My face was full of sand. I realized I was fully clothed, right down to my shoes. My whole body hurt. My fingers were puffed with the effect of staying in the water for too long. My lips were sore. The saltiness of the sea was hurting my elbow. I realized I had a cut on my elbow.

Where was I? I opened my eyes. The sun hurt my eyes. It seemed like morning. Occasionally I heard a sea gull’s sound. What had happened? I wasn’t sure. It was hard to remember with the heavy pain in the head. I crawled up the shore, slowly getting up as I pulled myself out of the water. What was this place? I scanned my eyes across. I saw the beach and up ahead was thick vegetation, a jungle perhaps. I laboriously turned around to face the ocean. The white waves were lazily hitting the shore. It must be low tide I thought. I put my hand to shade my eyes from the sun’s glare. I could only see water everywhere. The sound of water and the wind was screaming in my ears. What the hell had happened? I still couldn’t recall.

I walked up on the shore away from the water, dazed. Okay, where is everybody? Is this some sort of a joke? I tried to shout for help but my voice was so feeble, I could barely hear it myself. I stumbled and tripped as I walked on. I reached the trees and in the shade. The wind was strong and the trees swayed. I heard an occasional shrill bird sound breaking through the sound of waves and the wind. Was it a parrot or some other bird? I tried shouting again. This time I was loud enough to hear myself over the natural sounds. Surely there must be people here somewhere, I thought. I shouted again, and again, and again. There was no response. The silence was deafening. I walked back to the shore and again scanned around. I could see the beach extending as far as my eyes could see. Is this an island, I wondered? I could see a hill, not too high, covered with green vegetation. Closer to the beach there seemed like coconut trees. The whiteness of the sand was more prominent as the sun rose. The reflection of the sand hurt my eyes. The sea was crystal clear.

It dawned on me that I was seemingly alone. I wasn’t sure if I was on an island but I prepared myself to explore the land on which I was standing. I still couldn’t remember what had happened and how I survived in the sea. I did not know how to swim and still I had seemingly floated ashore. It was a strange feeling being completely alone. The place was beautiful, picturesque white sands and blue waters. But it wasn’t a holiday that I was on. I had to find out what happened to me. I had to get out of here, to where? Anywhere with people I guess. Ah, my head still hurt.


continued… Chapter 2


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