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We are a Happy and Satisfied Nation

August 22, 2008

We are a happy and satisfied nation. Vijender Singh lost his semi-final match to Cuba’s Emilio Correa Bayeaux to “settle for a bronze”. How does that make us happy? Well according to researchers Victoria Husted Medvec, Scott F. Madey and Thomas Gilovich, Olympic bronze medallists are far happier than silver medallists as Shankar Vendantam explains in Washington Post.

As per his post:

“If you win a silver, it is very difficult to not think, ‘Boy, if I had just gone a little faster at the end . . .,’ ” said Gilovich, who works at Cornell University. “The bronze-medal winners — some of them might think, ‘I could have gotten gold if I had gone faster,’ but it is easier to think, ‘Boy, I might not have gotten a medal at all!’ “

In a separate study of photographs of athletes soon after the competition, it was found that:

the bronze-medal winners looked nearly as happy as the winners of the gold medal, whereas the expressions of the silver medalists more closely resembled the athletes who placed fifth.

Interesting isn’t it. We as a nation had celebrated Vijender Singh’s bronze medal even before he went in for this fight. And we are very very happy that he won a bronze.

Photo by geckoam

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  1. Jelly permalink
    August 22, 2008 3:37 pm

    Hey what matter is to play. It does matter to win, just Chill…



  1. We are a Happy and Satisfied Nation

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