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IT Companies Firing Employees

August 27, 2008

I came across this article that talks about IT companies attributing poor performance to people. I was actually very surprised (shocked actuall!!!) to see that this post written by someone at such a senior position. Thankfully it was part of a bigger article (on the same site) which made more sense than the summary post. The summary post attempts at sensationalizes the post and misses the point that the author was trying to say in his original post.

IT companies regularly “fire” poor performers each year. This is typically to the tune of 5 – 8%. Typically the non-performers are encouraged (and in many cases also actively helped) to find another job. So when companies of the size of 50K-100K employees fire say 500 to 1000 people, it really really should not make any news whatsoever.

We are a country of people desperately seeking attention. And of course our socialistic background will ensure that such incidents are so desperately overplayed. I am sure it is our socialistic Nehurvian background that forces us to expect employment for life, especially if the “company” is doing relatively well. Get a life guys. Performance counts.

Of course, not all things go well and not everyone gets a fair deal at these IT companies. There are good companies and not so good companies. However when you are the size of 50K – 100K employees, there are bound to be some discrepancies in the treatment of employees. But then that’s another post in the near future.

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