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Sweet Dreams

September 16, 2008

Good Nite ! Sweet Dreams!  A routine way to bidding while retiring to bed; and a wish to your dear ones to have nice dreams.  Or wishing them a welcome to the dreamland. A journey  without moving, yet experiencing the thrill, joy and emotion while physically we are inactive. Sleep is considered similar or close to semi dead state. As physically and consciously we are completely motionless . There are several researches around the subject of sleep and dreams. Sleep is natural way of refreshing our body and mind. Sleep is state when a person is physically resting yet sub-coconsciously active. Our journey to dreamland starts at this point.

Like sleep, dreams are a big mystery. Why do we dream? Does animal kingdom also dream? Do we have any control over dreams or do dreams have some bearing on our conscious behavior? Do they serve any purpose or objective?  There are several researches going on this subject however,dreams could be understood as:

Dreams have direct bearing on our behavior and vice versa. Dreams are our untold or unexpressed emotions which overtly expressed through dreams. There are quite a lot psycho- analysis and therapies based upon interpretation of dreams. Theses therapies help in changing behavior, controlling and channelizing psychological energies.

Dreams have relation with our future. There are instances where people dream about their future quite accurately. And then experience Dejavu moments. Interestingly, one remembers or recollects those dream images not before dejavu experience. There is an opinion that our subconscious mind can travel across the time. Dreams are those vehicles that enable us to travel into multiple time lines.

Dreams also visit our past. It happens quite often that we meet our lost nears and dears through dreams. Our subconscious mind especially with people whom we were very close remains attached. Our conscious mind may accept that we have lost (for any reason i.e. lost contact, fought with or those persons have passed away) them, but our subconscious mind keeps memories intact. It keep searching for those experience and when not found, it recreates same as dreams.

Some dreams are bring forth our unknown past. There are several instances, where people have shared their dreams describing their previous lives. Such instances bring an interesting fact that our subconscious mind is a no less than a memory storage device. Some time, it carries memories from previous births.

There are several psychologist who have researched on the subject, and there several who are currently pursuing the same, yet Dreams are mystery and stand unknown and unpredictable…quite true to their nature and character.


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