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My tragedy is graver than yours

September 30, 2008

Someone called me today morning and said he had heard of more than 100 people being killed somewhere in Rajasthan. Fearing the worst in times of terrorism, we checked the Internet for news. More than 150 people were reported dead in a stampede in the Chamunda temple (197 confirmed dead by the evening). We heaved a sigh of relief that it was not yet another terrorist bomb blast. Oh, it’s just a stampede. Just a stampede!!! More than 150 people died damn it and it was “just a stampede” for me. The fact that I thought this way made me sick. Why is it only when people die in the city do we feel the pain of death and the impact of tragedy? Why is it when such tragedy occurs in a remote part it is “just a stampede”? Why is it that when we see people like us suffering our hearts cry while we remain seemingly unaffected when it is “just a stampede”?

It is important to realize that we, people like you and me, will just be a statistic in tragedies like these, or even a road accident we read in the papers everyday. I am not sure what I can do other than deplore the authorities of poor arrangements, and curse our cultural lack of common sense and coutsey towards others by writing this silly blog post.

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