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Mumbai Terror Attacks – What’s the Motive?

November 27, 2008

There is always a motive to crime. So what’s the motive of Mumbai attacks?

1.       Revenge? Revenge for what? For attacks on a community? So will the attacks help in extracting revenge? There will be more bloodshed, there will be revenge for revenge for revenge… Where will it end?

2.       Bring a cause to notice of the world? So what’s the cause? What are the demands? These people need to have a dialog to at least let the world know what the real cause is. What is that these people really want?

3.       Free Kashmir? Free Iraq? Free Afghanistan? Will this achieve it or make the governments resolve harder not to give in to the demands? Will it move these organizations closer to their objective or make it harder for them to achieve what they want?

4.       De-stability of the country? Who will gain? Surely not from someone within the country. Even the hardest criminals will gain more if the country they want to loot/rob/extract money from has the money. De-stability will lead to lesser money with the people and therefore lesser money to rob/loot. Another country? Who will gain from de-stability of country like India? Is it worth de-stabilizing India?

What else could be the motive? Can we work towards finding out the motive and start working towards it?

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