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Beautiful Singers

December 23, 2008


Just watched a video album of The Coors. Man are these women (Caroline, Andrea and Sharon) beautiful or what. Even the brother (Jim Corr) is quite good looking and handsome. Wow, it was amazing to see three absolutely stunningly gorgeous women, seemingly perfect bodies, sharp facial feature, perfect hair, the dimpled smile. And extremely talented, each can play at least one organ musical instrument, and great voices.

And when you have an extremely beautiful woman gently wrapping her fingers around the long mike and sensuously brings her lips close to it, mouth opening big enough to swallow the mike, can’t blame a man got to get all excited about watching her.

Overall magical experience watching the concert. Couldn’t take my eyes of them!!!


Andrea Corr

Andrea Corr


Caroline Corr

Caroline Corr


Sharon Corr

Sharon Corr


Images from CNN and Official The Coors website.
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  1. fibinse permalink
    December 25, 2008 5:03 pm

    I agree with you.And Im a fan of the drummer.

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