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Sorry Bhai! It makes no sense

December 26, 2008
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sorrybhai1As I mentioned in my previous post, I watched two recent movies and both had an exclamation in their title – Oh My God!! and Sorry Bhai!

Based on Reema‘s comment on my previous post, here’s a spoiler alert. This post does sort of give away the plot of the movie.

Sorry Bhai! is a movie made for the urban audience (multiplex audience is the phrase I have seen used in movie reviews). Great movie, wonderful cinematography, great cast. Chitrangda Singh looks awesome, as do the rest of the cast.

So the story is very plausible. Small family, elder brother is abroad and asks his family to come over for his marriage. Family goes over. Elder brother is busy, fiancé and younger brother spend a lot of time together and fall in love. In the end they tell everyone that they are in love and want to get married. Then the mother gives the younger brother a ‘kasam’ that he should not marry the girl. There is an explanation earlier in the film about why the brothers take the ‘kasam’ so seriously. Okay, still very plausible. Finally father convinces the mother that she should allow the two lovers to get married. And guess what option the mother thinks of? It seems she approves of a live-in relationship, with the whole family. And the two lovers spend 11 years together and have two kids, before getting formally married! And they get married two years after the mother’s death, because guess what, the mother gave a ‘kasam’ that they should get married after her death.

WTF… Why couldn’t the mother just free them from her ‘kasam’ in the first place? Or give the son a new ‘kasam’ to get married indeed? I mean here I was really enjoying the movie when bam this weird logic and weird storyline hits me. Oh please guys, what’s happening here? Why are you screwing up a perfectly good movie with this stupid stupid piece of storyline?

BTW, I did really liked both Oh My God!! and Sorry Bhai! in spite of such weird logic in their storylines. Sorry Bhai! was better of the two though.


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