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Learning from the Oil Strike

January 10, 2009

So the oil strike has finally ended. The fuel supply is expected to normalize by Monday. Last few days have been challenging for most. With own vehicles available but no fuel to run them, with no fuel to run gensets, limited fuel leading to increased prices of public transport and commodities etc. It has personally been hard for me. Many years of own vehicle has spoilt me. I am just not comfortable with the public transport system.

So did we learn anything from the shortage of fuel supply? Should we learn something from it? What if we were indeed to run out of fuel, what if fuel was perpetually in short supply and rationed? How will we able to deal with the situation? I hope the situation never occurs. But here’s what I am planning to do. I can’t give up my own vehicle so that is out of the question. However I plan to take small steps to conserve fuel, or use it more efficiently.

  •          Avoid driving with air conditioning on whenever possible.
  •          Avoid driving at high speeds. Drive at steady normal speed as much as possible.
  •          Avoid rash driving. I would like to believe I don’t do this generally, but still avoid it nevertheless.
  •          Avoid heavy rush traffic whenever possible. Take a longer route, or just delay my travel if required to provide for a smoother ride rather than be stuck in traffic that causes me to stop and go every 2 meters.
  •          Offer and join car pools
  •          Consistently check tyre pressure and keep it in prescribed norms. I don’t normally do it and rely on visible signs of lack of tyre pressure.
  •          Try and conserve electricity at office. Most of the electricity at work comes from gensets, given the dismal power situation in most parts, so conserving electricity will hopefully conserve fuel used in gensets.


What else can we do, without necessarily giving up own vehicle completely? Ideas???

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