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Pub Culture – Is it the Fight of Haves and Have Nots?

January 31, 2009

After the shameful, deplorable, horrifying, ridiculous, stupid, f***ing idiotic attack on women (and men also by the way) in a pub in Mangalore by a**ho** custodians of “Indian culture” the politicians are joining in to condemn the “pub culture”. I believe this is happening because it is easy to get media mileage from such attacks. Since there is practically no risk of getting caught or jailed, attacks like these are easy to execute and politicians use this to get media coverage.

I wonder if this is the case of protecting the Indian culture or perhaps the case of haves vs. have nots. Since politicians don’t do anything much to uplifting the poor, either in terms of education, creating jobs, medical support, housing, or other basic civic amenities, they find targeting others who have access to these as a way of showing their support to the poorer class. Is this the case of misplaced socialism? Shouldn’t politicians be focussing on providing better education and other amenities to the public instead of destroying things? If anything, the pub culture is providing additional employment and additional taxes to the government. And how will the “Indian culture” the politicians want to protect is going to help in improving life conditions of us Indians?
I leave you with something that I overheard on the Internet:

The Republic without the pub in it would be a mere relic


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  1. Aditya permalink
    February 19, 2009 6:24 pm

    I think i found it late, but I am very sure that what’s up there is right,here things are

    worst and some and insane.i think for few more month’s we should bare this kind of S–T, let

    the election’s finish and then everything is going to settle down.This happens becoz we people

    don’t care about who’s ruling india and where are they leading us . most of us now we are

    talking this becoz now it’s our turn i mean some kind of threat to some bunch of ppl.But how

    long, we need a permanent solution to vanish this kind of F—Ing group’s and Bas—d’s.WE

    DON’T RESPECT WOMEN AND WE DON’T ALLOW THEM TO LIVE -Is this what our indian culture is .All

    that we have in our hand’s is to stay safe for some time ,only for some time ,but if we need

    the complete change come out and Vote. Vote for some better one and let’s make a better INDIA.

    I Think Only A True Indian Can Understand Want I Exactly Said.

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