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Rich People Don’t Make a Good Story?

November 8, 2009

informersJust as men don’t make an interesting story, I think rich people don’t make a good story unless there’s an angle of some realism (read ordinary people) in their lives. I managed to catch The Informers (2008) movie last night. It is a wannabe Oscar winner (or at least a nomination) with multiple stories running parallel. There are rich teenagers/youth on drugs, having group sex all the time. A rich movie director who wants to get back to his sleeping-with-a-young-guy wife because divorce is going to be very expensive for him. His son and daughter hate their family and are on drugs mostly. Then there’s a very famous rock star who tours in his private jet. He is always on drugs and alcohol and gets his kicks by sleeping with underage kids and hitting prostitutes because he is very pained that his wife doesn’t allow him to even talk to his own son, let alone meet him. There’s a divorced father trying to make amends with his son by taking him to a holiday to Hawaii but ends up making a pass at a girl his son befriended. Not to be completely overshadowed by rich spoilt people, there’s a poor(er) doorman who wants to be an actor but is overshadowed by his criminal uncle who kidnaps a kid and keeps him in his home.

I actually like movies that have many stories running parallel that somehow all come together and connect up. But The Informers is no Babel or Crash, which incidentally are also a cocktail of stories primarily about the rich people that don’t necessarily show them as losers, and have a larger proportion of “reality” in the mix. The Informers desperately tries showing the emotions, pain and emptiness of the lives of really rich people, but to me they just appear as pathetic losers, brought up with no self-discipline and are completely wasting their lives. Don’t waste your time on this movie.

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  1. November 9, 2009 1:15 pm

    Thanks for saving my time! I lvoed Babel btw….Cate Blanchett was so convincing….I actually cried in that movie even though it was not a regular tissue box movie..


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