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Muslims on Social Networks are Sinners

February 9, 2010

It seems a top Egyptian cleric has issued a fatwa against using networking sites like Facebook, saying Muslims using such cyber platforms must be considered “sinners”. Now what’s your first reaction to this news report? You are aghast, horrified, pissed off maybe. How can a cleric say that after all? That Muslims continue to live in medival times etc. etc.

Now read the whole report. The cleric is not saying anything that hasn’t already been said about social networking sites. There are tons of stories about marital infidelity and broken marriages that were triggered by social networking sites. Recently there was even a story of two wives in China discovering bigamy of their common husband through Facebook. But those stories sound funny to us and we can laugh at the stupidity of those people. However if a cleric says the same thing, our reaction is probably very different. Heck, he is a religious cleric after all. Religious clerics will link everything to God/Allah and they will link everything to sin, heaven and hell. Why should we expect anything else? We shouldn’t be revolted or shocked by just the headline without reading the full report.

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