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You Know You are in Delhi Traffic When:

April 14, 2010

You know you are in Delhi/NCR traffic when:

  1. You can expect to be traffucked any time of the day or night, any day of the week. And God help you during Diwali and the wedding season.
  2. Pedestrians will jump over the highest dividers to land in front of your vehicle.
  3. Someone will find a way to create a gap in the divider to allow scooters/bikes to pass through.
  4. Someone will widen the gap in the divider to allow cars to pass through and break the flow of smooth flowing traffic.
  5. A car/truck/bus will come from the opposite side of the road head on into smooth flowing traffic. If you are lucky it will be during the day time.
  6. Car drivers will wear seat belts religiously but jump red lights with complete disregard to the law.
  7. You can’t find a single car without a scratch or dent.
  8. You will encounter traffic signal every 500 yards and it will be red at each signal.
  9. Buses will stop to pick up passengers at the edge of a traffic signal or edge of a flyover.
  10. The person ahead of you will remain undecided about which way to turn till the last minute, without using the indicators.
  11.  At a signal, the car in the left most lane will deftly turn to the right cutting across traffic when the lights are changing.
  12. There are 6 lanes of traffic on a 3 lane road.
  13. And there’ll be someone trying to form the 7th lane.
  14. A 16 lane toll plaza will take 45 minutes to cross.
  15. Your average speed will be 15 kmph during rush hour and 25-30 kmph when there is little traffic.
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