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The Decade of the Woman?

January 10, 2011

I recently attended a sort of college function. I was amazed to see the performances by students. The boys seemed shier than the girls. The girls had no issues gyrating on stage solo to ‘touch me touch me’ or ‘maiya maiya’ and many other such numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Munni or a Shiela performance if I had stayed on longer. What was interesting was that the girls had seemed completely comfortable even with sensual dances like belly dancing. There was no shortage of sensual gestures, irrespective of their body shapes and sizes.

Looking at the confidence and the un-inhibited performances, I think that the coming decade is going to be the decade of the Woman. Nothing can stop women in the coming decade. If there’s anything that will stop the women, it will be the Mother-in-law. How will these young women who are living their lives uninhibited now handle marriage and the restrictions that the Mother-in-law might put up?

I recently had conversations with a couple of newly-wed girls. All of them indicated in some form that they were restricted by the mother-in-law. All had issues with their mothers-in-law. It seems the husbands will toe the line but the mother-in-law??? Hmmm… it is going to be interesting how things will turn out in the coming few years. Will things change for the young girls so full of self-confidence and ready to shed all inhibitions or will they be trapped in the restrictions of the MIL?

The saas-bahu saga continues…

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