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Social Media Peeing

January 19, 2011

Twitter = I need to pee

Facebook = I peed!

Foursquare = I’m peeing here

Youtube = Watch this pee!

LinkedIn = I pee well

Orkut = Will U make pee with me??

Quora = How to pee?

Wikipedia = This is what I know about pee!

Google = Define pee

Yammer = Who pees best in my Company

EBay = Bid for my pee

WAYN = What on earth is the best place to Pee?

WebTrends = What’s my pee behavior

Blogger = Let pee r conversations!

Second Life = My Avatar also pee

Craigslist = Pee for sale…Won’t last long!

MySpace = Listen to the rhythm of my Pee

Salesforce = Pee into a funnel!

Salesforce = View your pee pipeline by quarter

Paypal = Pee per use

Slideshare = Pee without dropping a drop = Looking for a highly peed bride

Delicious = Remember where you pee’d

Jott = Plan to pee on time

Zoho = Pee on Microsoft = The meaning of Pee

Google Translations = Translate this Pee in different languages


And finally….. Wikileaks

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