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Bribe Rate List – Part 2

January 23, 2011

One of the earliest posts on this blog was my attempt at consolidating a Bribe Rate List for getting various works done in different government departments. I just came to know that even to get your brand new car registered you need to pay a bribe. This is something that you won’t come to know easily because it is included in registration services listed by car companies. I am also not sure if this is applicable for Delhi registration, but is most definitely applicable for UP state registration.

I recently bought a brand new Maruti car. The sales man explained charges under various heads, including registration. Fair enough. However after the car was delivered along with all the receipts, I realized that the amounts didn’t add up to what I had been told. The receipts I got were for less that the amount I had paid up. I asked for an explanation and for a very long time they tried to evade a direct answer. Somewhere in my aggressive questioning the truth came out. Basically they have to pay bribe to get the registration done. I demanded that I should at least be given a receipt for all the money I had paid up, even if it under the head of services delivered. Till date I am waiting for the receipt.

The bribe amount I paid to to get my new car registered in UP is about Rs. 3,000, which is about 15% of the registration amount. I am sure the amount you pay would vary depending on the car you buy.


Image source: Not sure who I can attribute the image to. It’s appears on far too many websites. Search images for “bribe in India”.


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