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Apologetic for Being Well-Off

August 7, 2011

Two news items in the paper made me wonder today. The first is the continued report about crisis at Noida Expressway land. The farmers have protested land acquisition and for two villages and got favorable settlement from the courts. That opened the Pandora’s box for the crisis. It seems there are 20,000 home owners and 1,00,000 people who will be affected if a settlement is not found. Through this whole episode, there is much sympathy towards the farmers, the crisis having perpetuated by political parties in different forms. It is quite likely that the farmers did get a raw deal and deserve justice. However what I felt was strikingly missing was any sympathy for the home owners who in most cases took heavy loans to buy homes. What was interesting to me was that even numbers like 20,000 and 1,00,000 people being affected got them no sympathy from any political party. They just don’t matter to the political parties as much as the farmers to, who I am sure would be a much lesser number, given that population density in the area would increase because of high rise structures being built.

The other piece of news was in today’s newspaper. The headline read Freak Five-Car Accident Kills Four People in Mayapuri. It seems there was a minor accident on the road that was being sorted out when “another speeding truck smashed into the stationary vehicles, including the police van and an auto-rickshaw.” There was hardly any mention about why the truck was speeding, who was driving it, what happened to its driver etc. Now imagine if the same accident had happened and the speeding truck was replaced by a speeding car, probably an expensive one. Do you think this would still be termed as a “freak accident”?

I guess the proverbial “middle-class” don’t matter at much. One has to be almost apologetic for being well-off these days.

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  1. August 18, 2011 4:36 pm

    “One has to be almost apologetic for being well-off these days.” how true!!!

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