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Is Sex About Power?

November 15, 2012

Have you noticed how most (Bollywood) movies show gay characters but hardly any lesbian characters? Especially the ones about high society, movies like Page 3, Fashion, Heroine etc. I have always wondered if being gay was practically fashionable, why are there no lesbians in these societies. And then in Heroine they finally show a lesbian-ish scene. And even for that, the character playing it was more apologetic about the incident. “For God’s sake, I am not a lesbian you know” she says after the incident. Quite unlike the portrayal of gay characters in most movies, where the gays are quite open about their sexual orientation and are not apologetic about it.

I wonder, if there is so much openness towards ones sexual orientation in these societies, why aren’t there equal number of lesbians as gays? Is it that men find is easier to be attracted to other men as opposed to women?

And yet, in another scene in the same movie Heroine, another character is shown to be really desperate for an opportunity. She says that the decision maker is a bisexual and asks her gay friend to seduce him to help her bag that opportunity. And that’s when it hit me. Perhaps being gay in these societies is about using sex for power. There are more gay characters because in almost all movies, there were mostly men in positions of power. Could it be that there are hardly any women in positions of power that they can’t demand sex (from other women) for power, and that is the reason for very few scenes of lesbianism? Would things change if there were more women in power? We have heard enough about casting couch. There have been portrayals of casting couches where men are expected to compromise (to other men) for opportunities. And so is sex (hetro or same-sex) all about power?

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  1. November 17, 2012 9:10 pm

    Interesting post and mentally stimulating… I hadn’t thought about it that way…. Maybe you are right. Or maybe women still do not have the confidence or courage (blame it on the society again) to come out and accept their sexuality openly…

    • November 18, 2012 10:53 am

      I am sure women’s lack of confidence to come out in the open is also probably one of the reason of fewer lesbians represented in the movies. It would be a shame that that might be the case even in the society that these movies represent,

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