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Rape and the public outrage

December 19, 2012

A woman is raped brutally in the capital of India. The capital is the rape capital according to the statistics. It is a horrible horrible incident. Nothing can bring back the life for the woman. It is appalling. It is disgusting. It is pathetic. Public is demanding blood of the rapists. The government is incompetent. The police corrupt.

But all this is bringing out the worst in people.

“The accused should be castrated.”  Something is so wrong with this statement. No it’s not castration. It is “the accused”. Perhaps the people caught are indeed culprits. But to punish the “accused” is opening doors for anarchy.

The culprits should be publicly castrated or flogged or hanged. So are we a nation that propagates an eye for an eye, a hand for a hand? Would we publicly chop of a hand of a thief? Would we publicly stone someone? And who decides for what? Are these public punishments not medieval? Do we really want to go back to being barbaric?

The government didn’t say anything. I mean what were we expecting them to say? In situation like this is there ever anything right that can be said?

What happened is truly tragic and no deserves this to happen to them. I truly wish it had not happened and should not happen again. But let’s not lose our civility. The outrage is expected but hopefully good sense will prevail.

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