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September 15, 2013

Some time back I had wondered who I really was. And figured that I am no one person but play different roles in life. We compartmentalize our lives, knowingly or unknowingly. Compartments of office, family, friends and multiple compartments within each of these too. There are of course many intersecting portions of our compartments. With some people we try to work towards creating more and more intersections. But still some portions are left standing alone. Sometimes those are by design but many times the stand alone portions just happen. This may be because there is limited time for interaction and you try to interact keeping in mind what’s important for the other person. It’s not that you are focusing on not sharing something, but more on sharing what might be more important to the person you are interacting with, given the limited time.

Can someone other than you truly know your life map? To an extent yes. There are people who we share our compartments more with. They see most of the intersections and build your life map almost as well as you know it. But there may be things that even you don’t know that you know. There may be interpretations to what they see and then they  build the missing portions of life map based on those perceptions.

“Why can’t you just be yourself when you are with me?”

But I am… I am being myself. Sometimes the life map is visible earlier, sometimes a little later. But it is all there. There are those compartments, and then there are the intersections. And you can see it all, from 30,000 foot, below so clearly. Just as I see your life map… sometimes earlier, sometimes a little later.


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