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How to Lose a Girl in Five Easy Steps

October 5, 2013

Much of this gyan comes from a girl, so I completely believe these to be true. The following list assume that you can’t just disappear from the girl’s life completely, which in my view is a pathetic thing to do anyway.

How to lose a girl in five easy steps:

  1. Don’t give her your time. It seems girls want your time more than anything else. And it’s not always physical time spent together. It is time you give her on phone, chats, or any other medium. So when you have long conversations you are encouraging the girl to become closer to you. You want to lose a girl, significantly limit the time you give to her.
  2. Take your time to respond. How long you take to respond to her messages, pings, social media posts etc. gives her an indication of your interest in her. Responding almost immediately tells her something. Responding within 10 minutes, responding within 30 minutes, responding in a few hours, responding in a few days, all these tell her your interest level in her. If you want to lose a girl, take your time in responding to her messages.
  3. Keep conversations official. Being completely incommunicado may not always be an option especially if you are working/studying with the girl. However what your conversations are around is a good way to manage the relationship. Staying off all personal topics in your conversations is a good idea. You might think it is polite to have a conversation around off-work topics, but it isn’t. It is encouraging the girl to share and feel closer to you. So keep your conversations to your work/studies.
  4. Introduce a “there’s someone else” angle. Now this is a tricky one. Girls seem to be more attracted towards unavailable men these days and this isn’t always a deterrent. So be careful of how you introduce this. It might just go either way. The girl just might become more determined to stick on. But it may work at times.
  5. Introduce a “you are one among the many” angle. Now this one is more likely to get you to lose the girl quickly, at least emotionally. Emotionally girls don’t want to share their man. While there being one someone else may make them determined to work harder, being one amongst many makes them run away faster. They may still want you physically, but mentally it’s going to be harder for them to connect.


So there you are, how to lose a girl in five easy steps. Feel free to add your observations.


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