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Shades of Grey

I have now organized my attempts at creative writing/fiction writing. The stories have meandered and are now begining to take form. The stories revolve around characters so I have created pages for each character. Interestingly all stories so far have women as the main character. As I had observed, perhaps men don’t make an interesting story.

Shades of Grey – Shruti

Shades of Grey – Jasmine

Shades of Grey – Kusum

Shades of Grey – Naina

Sometime in 2009 I had a chance to listen to Jeffery Archer. It was a great experience to listen to his experiences.

It is hard being a writer. He suggested that anyone considering being a writer be prepared to slog it out. You’ll never get it right the first time. You need to review and rewrite and refine what you’ve written.

Jeffery explained his differences in writing short stories and a novel. In a novel, he rarely knows how it will turn out to be. His characters drive the novel along. When he is writing a short story, he almost always knows the last line of the story. Then he builds the rest of the story around the last line. I have found this quite true in my attempts at writing. Last few episodes of Shades of Grey have actually turned out to be short stories where I knew the last line and built the rest of the story around it. While writing the first few episodes I had no idea where the story was headed when I started to write. And of course, now when I read these again, I can see there is still much work to be done on them.

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